Everyone Claims that their system is the best. `Energo’ would rather believe some and dispel some of these myths to keep the technology development dynamic

Scrapper Chain Conveyor

The Submerged Scrapper Chain Conveyor System easily and efficiently handles bottom ash, mill rejects and economizer ash for immediate transport or disposal.

Water Impounded Bottom Ash Hopper

The key components of the Bottom Ash System include the water impounded hopper to collect the ash, the Enslag feed gate housing to control material flow into the crusher, the Enslag crusher to properly size the material, the Enhydrojet jet pumps to quickly move the water and solid granular material through the pipeline.

Dry Bottom Ash System

The Dry Bottom Ash System is designed to operate in harsh conditions and is an effective solution for extraction, cooling and handling of dry bottom ash from pulverized coal-fired boilers. It eliminates water usage in the cooling and conveying of bottom ash. With this system, operational and maintenance costs are significantly less compared to the conventional wet systems. The air flows over the surface of the ash in the reverse direction such that the hot air flows directly into the boiler and thus, slightly improves the efficiency of the boiler.