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Scrapper Chain Conveyor

Each mill reject discharge hopper is connected with a drag chain conveyor which discharges the mill rejects in a storage silo. Key components of this type of system are Pyrite Hopper with water spray arrangement, storage bunker/Silo and drag chain conveyor.

Pneumatic Conveying

Our Mill Rejects Handling Systems are designed to effectively remove the coarse, heavy pieces of stone, slate and iron pyrites discharged from the unit's coal pulveriser. The material is conveyed through hardened pipe from mill hoppers to the termination point pneumatically.

Enhydrojet Pump

The material is conveyed from mill hoppers to the termination point through Enhydrojet pump using pressurised water to carry the material. The system can be integrated into our Bottom Ash System or designed as a stand-alone Mill Rejects Handling System.