Everyone Claims that their system is the best. `Energo’ would rather believe some and dispel some of these myths to keep the technology development dynamic

Decantation System

In this system, Ash laden water is transported to a pond and it is assumed that all the ash will settle down at the bottom surface of the pond and the upper levels of pond is then utilised for recycling. Such upper later of water is not free from fine ash particles and contain around 2% ash particles. The recovered water is then transported to the clarifier for further treatment.


The slurry enters the dewatering bin and falls into a filter which traps the finer particles that usually flow with the recovered water. The heavier particles are then discharged through the bottom of the dewatering bin and the recovered water overflows into the drain sump and transported for further use.

Enhydrash Separator (Bottom Ash)

Energo’s Enhydrash Separator is based on multi-venturi cyclone manifold separation method which is highly advantageous. The recycled water is virtually free from all sizes of ash particles. It does not require much space as it can be installed on line. It is very economical both in capital and operational costs. Because of negligible carry-over of ash in the recycled water, the wear and tear of the equipment is insignificant.