Everyone Claims that their system is the best. `Energo’ would rather believe some and dispel some of these myths to keep the technology development dynamic

Since 1987, Energo has evolved as a leading ash handling player in providing techno-commercially optimised, effective & customized ash handling solutions. Our mission is to continue innovating ash handling systems and products by addressing to the ever changing environmental standards and boiler technologies. For Energo, every typical requirement is a challenge as well as an opportunity.

With over two decades of deep involvement in ash handling / bulk pneumatic conveying systems, Energo is not only in a position to offer most comprehensive range of wet as well as dry ash handling systems matched by few but also has designed systems capable of handling various other materials such as silica, cement, alumina, zinc oxide, quartz, limestone, iron oxide, sponge iron dust, kiln dust, etc.

Energo have dedicated itself the task to indigenize and innovate the foreign expertise to the Indian conditions which happen to be at great variance with the foreign conditions. Due to these variances, no one system can be stated to be perfect in all aspects and each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. EEPL has developed an integrated system by incorporating the advantages of various systems and minimizing the disadvantages.

Depending on availability of ash disposal area, size of boiler, need for fly ash utilization, pollution control requirement, we offer customized system to meet your requirement.