Energo has ventured into renewable energy as part of its diversification strategy. It has added a Solar and a Hydro power project to its portfolio.

Today, economy is suffering from an imbalance between the limited and uneven resources and ever increasing demands for power. This calls for an urgent need for alternate sources of energy as the available non renewable resources are bound to exhaust in near future. We recognize the potential of the renewable sources to cater to the energy needs of the economy considering:

  • Increasing Demand and Supply Gap for electricity, not only in India but around the world
  • Rapid depletion of resources such as coal, oil & gas along with consequent pressure on its prices
  • Rising prices of electricity due to fast paced industrialization
  • Breakthroughs in the technology which has reduced the cost while at the same time improved the efficiency of equipment employed in setting up of renewable energy based projects
  • Support from domestic and international agencies for renewable energy based projects
  • India’s endowment with abundant availability of the resources such as Solar Irradiance and Perennial Rivers
  • Solution to the uneven distribution of resources and services, even at remote locations where it is not feasible to extend the grid

We at Energo believe in the balanced development wherein there is a sustainable growth for the country as well as the economy. Therefore, we consider it viable to utilize resources such as Solar, Hydro and Wind to overcome the scarcity of resources as well as to keep in check the carbon emission levels. Considering this, we have ventured as a Renewable Energy Developer, developing projects utilizing Solar Energy and Hydro Energy.

Solar Projects

10 MW Solar PV Power at Rajasthan

Hydro Projects

21 MW Patnazi Hydro Power Project at J&K