Energo has diversified into Power Plant Development. PEL is developing a 2x300 MW thermal power plant in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. This project is based on the Group Captive Model.

Periyar Energy Limited was established under the Energo Group to develop 2x300 MW Thermal Power Project in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, based on Group Captive Model as set forth by the extant policies of the Ministry of Power, Government of India. The Project will derive its revenue by selling power to captive consumers where as the surplus power from the power plant will be fed to the Grid in Tamil Nadu.

Project Description

The proposed plant will come in two stages, Unit-1 in the first stage and Unit-2 in the second stage. Primary fuel for this proposed plant will be imported coal (also provisions for Indian coal and blending), with both units being pulverised coal fired Boilers, extraction condensing steam turbine generator with regenerative heaters and water cooled condenser. Coal receipt is proposed by Captive Coal Jetty (small platform with automatic unloading and forwarding) and water will be sourced from sea. Power evacuation will be through nearby substations of TamilNadu Elecrticity Board / Power Grid Corpoation of India Limited.

Some of the highlights of the project are:

  • Site Identification under Pre Feasibility stage has been completed
  • Feasibility Study & Detailed Project Report prepared
  • Land acquisition is in advanced stage
  • TOR granted
  • Owner’s Engineer and Jetty Consultant have been finalized

Project Highlights

  • 2x300 MW thermal power project
  • Primary Fuel: Coal (imported/domestic) 
  • Cooling medium: Sea water

Site Information

  • Location: Thoothukudi (Tuticorin)
  • Land: 500 acre
  • Town with basic infrastructure (port, road & rail network, SEZ, airport)

Other Information

  • Project based on Group Captive Model
  • Captive consumers hold at least 26% of equity
  • Captive consumers must use at least 51% of power generated