Everyone Claims that their system is the best. `Energo’ would rather believe some and dispel some of these myths to keep the technology development dynamic

Vacum System

Energo boasts of providing the state of the art vacuum system largely owing to its hugely successful Zero Leakage Endivac valves which play a major role in isolating the branch line from the hoppers.

Energo provided systems have low Capital and Operation Cost, are ideal for situations where room for equipment is limited under the hoppers, are easy to maintain & provide long wear life, and are more effective mode of transport where material is collected from multiple discharge points.

Lean Phase Pressure System

Lean Phase Pressure System designs go the distance to cleanly and safely convey material from hoppers to the silo. Energo’s easy-to-maintain equipment can handle the transport of significant quantities of material to the silo.

Energo provides solutions for both batch conveying as well as continuous conveying of the material. There is no upper limit on the conveying distance that can be achieved provided sufficient headroom is available under the hopper. Almost any material can be conveyed using lean phase system.

Dry Bottom Ash System

The Dry Bottom Ash System is designed to operate in harsh conditions and is an effective solution for extraction, cooling and handling of dry bottom ash from pulverized coal-fired boilers. It eliminates water usage in the cooling and conveying of bottom ash. With this system, operational and maintenance costs are significantly less compared to the conventional wet systems. The air flows over the surface of the ash in the reverse direction such that the hot air flows directly into the boiler and thus, slightly improves the efficiency of the boiler.

Vacuum cum Pressure System

Energo’s dual type Vacuum cum Pressure System combines the best of vacuum and pressure systems and nullifies the major disadvantages of each system to achieve a clean and efficient pneumatic conveying system.

These systems are ideal for situations with long conveying distances and low headroom under the hoppers. Adopting a vacuum evacuation system is cost effective in case of multiple discharge points. Evacuating material from multiple discharge points under an ESP using vacuum is more effective compared to pressure system due to the negative pressure inside the ESPs.

Dense Phase Pressure System

Dense phase ash handling system is designed using either pulse flow or plug flow technology. Energo’s dense phase type system is a single or multiple pipeline design for easier, less expensive installation, routing and support.

There is no upper limit on the conveying distance that can be achieved provided sufficient headroom is available under the hopper. Relatively less wear and tear of pipes and fittings compared to lean phase system. But, beyond a certain distance, this system may prove costlier than lean phase.

High Concentration Slurry Disposal System

HCSD System comprises of controlled and monitored feeding system for fly ash and bottom ash followed by a homogenous mixing in an adequately designed Agitator Retention Tank (ART). HCSD System operates on a higher concentration of about 60% thereby water consumption is drastically reduced and literally no water is released at the disposal area. Energo also provides HCSD solution for the Alumina Industry in the applications of digester feeding, Red mud disposal, Sand disposal, Lime feeding, etc.