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Performance of the power plant equipment deteriorates with time, timely Energy Audit of equipment and their auxiliaries helps to find out how far their performance has drifted away from design values. Plant Energy Audit/PET also helps in understanding the present energy consumption pattern (Baseline Energy Consumption), identifying wastage in energy consumption areas, suggesting implementation measures leading  to  optimum  utilization of fuel with cost benefit analysis, thereby improving the plant profitability and reduction in environmental pollution.

Energo has BEE Accredited Energy Auditors. We have expertise of undertaking Energy Audit in Core Sectors

Energo conducts:

  • Preliminary Audit
  • General/Detailed Audit
  • Investment-Grade Energy Audit
  • Baseline Energy Audit
  • Advisory Services

Energy Audits are carried out for the following:

  • Power Generating Stations
  • Power Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Process Industries
  • Agriculture & Municipalities
  • Street Lights
  • Boiler, Turbine and their auxiliaries
  • Co-Generation Facilities
  • Waste Heat Recovery System
  • Mass and Energy Balances of Process Plants
  • Pumping Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Milling & Grinding Circuits
  • Cooling Towers


Potential Savings

Baseline performance and overall energy savings potential are identified and necessary steps are taken to implement respective measures.

Resource Optimization

Identification of wastage in use of resources such as fuel, power and utilization helps in improving efficiency of the plant.

Competitive Edge

Implementation of effective measures results in reduction of unit cost of generation.

Identification of Losses

The most inefficient equipment in the plant can be identified and respective steps can be taken to improve the performance.

Environmental Impact

Reduction in Green House Gases


Initiation of ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System