RLA Study is mandatory for Boiler Presure Parts after 1,00,000 hours of opertaion and study on steam turbine Generator also need to be carried out after 15 to 20 years of opertion.

Energo has been accredited by CBB as a "Well Known Remnant Life Assessment Organization" for conducting RLA study of Boilers. Energo conducts RLA studies to ensure safety and integrity of equipment of the thermal/captive power plants to maintain its operating capacity for a longer period. As per Indian Boiler Regulation norms (IBR 391A (Table-1)) for Boiler, the critical components which are subject to wear and tear or are exposed to high temperature & pressure zone (creep) needs to be examined through Non Destructive Tests (NDT) & Destructive Tests (DT) after one lakh hours of operation. Energo is deeply involved in RLA study of Boiler, Turbine and Generator in Thermal Power Station to improve plant availability factor and ensure better operations.


Salient features:

  • Safety of Plant Components – Better Safety & integrity of the plant components.
  • Decision Making Tool - RLA studies provide very useful information to the plant officials, thereby assisting in taking decisions for Running, Repairing and Replacement.
  • Minimized Outage Losses-Plant tripping/forced outage can be reduced.
  • Reduced Tube Failure - Frequent failure of boiler tube and other pressure parts can be avoided.
  • Plant Life Utilization- Details about the operating term of the plant components helps in planning the procedures for a better output.

RLA Study of Stream Turbine in Progress

Ultrasonic Test on Rator Journal Area

Safety of Plant Components

RLA studies ensure safety & integrity of plant components

Decision Making Tools

RLA studies provide useful information to the plant officials that help in taking decisions regarding running, repairing and replacing.

Minimize Outage Losses

Plant tripping / forced outage can be minimized. Reduce Tube failure, frequent failure of boiler tube and other pressure parts can be avoided.

Plant Life Utilization

Knowledge of the safe remaining life of the plant helps in efficient running of the plant along with maximum utilization of the remaining life.